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Tank Information below is from a drawing received from prior owner of tank, buyers will need to verify all information form tank manufacture

Design Pressure: 9 PSI, Design Temp. 300 F. Hydro Test Pressure 15 PSI, Design vacuum 1.53 NHC

Heat Transfer Information: Design Pressure 40 PSI, Design Temp. 300 F., Test Pressure 68 PSI, Volume 5.95 cu.ft., Medium: heating / cooling Steam

Specifications Vessel Code: ASME

Heat Transfer Code: ASME

Max. W.P. 9 PSI at 300F.,

MDMT 30 F. at 9 PSI,

.75 PSI vacuum

Heat transfer surface

Max W.P. 40 PSI at 300 F.

MDMT 32 F. at 40 PSI.

Material Finishes:

Interior: HRAP ( note  #15) Exterior: HRAP

Serial# 197327-1 thru 84

Buyer must verify all above information with the Tank manufacturer

Price includes removal & loading tank, contact us for a price including delivery to your location

Photos may show additional tanks that are available ask for additional pricing

Additional photos and information available.

45,000 gallon stainless steel insulated heated horizontal tank