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484RF 10 baghouse dust collector, 6,180 Sq. Ft. cloth area, 484 bolted down rectangular type bags and gasketed cages(484 10ft filter bags Donaldson-Torit type), rotating type arm inside walk-in top plenum,


Air Cure 484RF10, 6,180 Sq. Ft. cloth area from ( 484 10ft filter bags Donaldson-Torit type) rectangular type with bolt down gasket cages

fan 250HP

Reverse Pulse filter cleaning

10 Explosion vents/pressure relief doors

The used filter bags have been removed and stored in a plywood box, buyer will need to clean and inspect filter bags before re-installing, Buyer should purchase new filter bags.


Tangential scroll inlet, inlet deflection baffle & air straightener vanes

60 degree conical bottom hopper

Hopper access door

Top walk-in access compartment for filter bags replacement.

Abort gate,

Has been removed in one piece for quick and easy reinstallation

The contractor that dismantled dust collector would be willing to reinstall dust collector- Buyer would need to contact and negotiate & pay contactor directly.

 Stored in our yard- ready to load ( no charge for loading) for prompt shipment,

Call for a delivered price to your location,

Baghouse Approximate height 46ft, diameter 13ft 8”+-, weight 23,000 LBS.

Several other fans and horsepower fans options available.( F-01-360) 250HP motor Reliance Electric Duty Master 841 XL, 1785 rpm, fan size 90, serial#1720, order# 19925?, inlet 38”?,  36” x 30” outlet,

Performance, capacity, dimensions, weights and measurement are sometimes based on 3rd party information and could be inaccurate, or errors can occur in our description. The purchaser will need to verify all information from the manufacturer or other sources. We did not design or build this system and will not be responsible for the functionality of the explosion vents. When explosive dusts are present, the owner/operator is responsible for compliance with NFPA 68, 69, 654 and all other applicable codes

484RF 10 baghouse dust collector, 6,180 Sq. Ft. cloth area


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