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6600-gallon stainless horizontal jacketed tank

316 stainless steel

Certified By: JV Northwest, Inc., Canby, OR 97013.

JACKET: 100/FV PSI Int. Press@ 300 F.- (Max allowable working pressure)

JACKET: 0 F. @100/FV PSI. ( Min. design metal temperature)

SHELL :  50/FV PSI Int. Press@ 300 F. ( Max. allowable working Pressure)

SHELL : 0 F. @ 50/FV PSI  ( Min. design metal temperature)

Serial# 16201

Approximate measurements:  7ft x 32ft

Year built: 2001

Diameter:  7ft+-

Length: 32ft +-

NB. 625

Dismantled in May 2020

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MS 6/2020

Used 6,600 gallon stainless jacketed horizontal tank, 316 stainless steel horizontal tank,

JV Northwest 316L stainless steel jacketed tank

JVNW 6,600 gallon horizontal jacketed

316L stainless stainless

Approximate dimensions:   33ft +- long  x 7ft + diameter

Jacketed 50 PSI



Approximate weight of tank 10,000 lbs.

Serial #16201

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6600 gallon stainless horizontal jacketed tank