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We have posted two  IRB 6650 robots in the photos.

Photos are water-marked with a “0” or “1” to match the last digit in the serial number,

ABB robot arm, IRB 6650-125/3.2 , 125-inch reach, 6 Axes, 275 lbs., 4 robots & controllers available

275 lbs. capacity,

125-inch reach,

Robots Serial numbers #: 66-52970 and 66-52971,

ABB Controllers hours: 35,887 & 46,404.

Year: 2006,

Protection: Standard,

Robots, controllers, and wires (as viewed in photos) are stored in our climate-controlled warehouse,

The prior owner removed Robots and controllers from a working process in October 2023,

We will build at NO charge custom wooden boxes to ship the robots and controllers inside,

Contact us for price and freight rate,


ABB robot arm, IRB 6650-125/3.2, 125-inch reach, 6 Axes, 275 lbs., 4 robots & co


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