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Re-painted Donaldson Day 256- HRW- 8, pulse jet baghouse dust collector, 2,547 filter cloth area, 25,000 to 41,000 CFM airflow range

Re-Painted ( we do have photos of the items before primer & paint job)

Baghouse serial #: 112379, Job # 422123

Two 75HP New York Blower fans, SIZE: 33 1V., SHOP #: F 1985-100, P51010221

Additional fans/blowers avialble

Baghouse airflow range in CFM. 25,600 – 41,000 ( customer needs to verify with Donaldson)

2,547 sq.ft. filter media cloth area

Baghouse will be primed & repainted blue

Inlet blow-pipe and fans have been repainted blue

Walk-in style

Blow pipe for fans inlet to baghouse top clean air inlet

Some of the electrical starters and disconnects

Donaldson Airlock

10ft screw auger attached to discharge hopper

Installation contractor might be available to re-install dust collector (customer will contact the contractor directly).

Fans will be videoed for a quick demonstration under power.

Contact us for a price or a price including freight or additional details

Performance, capacity, dimensions, weights and measurement are sometimes based on 3rd party information and could be inaccurate, or errors can occur in our description. The purchaser will need to verify all information from the manufacturer or other sources. We did not design or build this system and will not be responsible for the functionality of the explosion vents. When explosive dusts are present, the owner/operator is responsible for compliance with NFPA 68, 69, 654 and all other applicable codes

Donaldson Day 256- HRW- 8, pulse jet baghouse dust collector, 2,547 filter area


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