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Repainted Donaldson Torit  HPW 160, pulse jet cleaning baghouse

16,000 to 25,600 CFM Dust collector

Only one dust collector available the other two have been sold

               Model# 160-HPW           

              Serial# IG065691

               Job# 14262-H

               Pulse Jet bag cleaning

               160 oval filter bags 8 ft long- Buyer will need to purchase new filter bags

               1590 sqft. of filter cloth area

              12 inch diameter bottom discharge

              Airlock ( sold separately)

               Positive seal bolt in cages

               Walk - In plenum provides weather protection during maintenance

               Approximate dimensions width 102"+ X 118"+ tall X 29 feet long

               We can repaint equipment back to Torit Donaldson Blue

              Dust collector is dismantled and ready to load

               Price includes loading on your truck

              Dust collector Contractor is available to reinstall system- Buyer will pay & negotiate directly with 

              Contractor on price and details                                 

               Fans, and abort gates are available

               Performance, capacity, dimensions, weights and measurement are sometimes based on 3rd party information and could be inaccurate, or errors can occur in our description. Purchaser will need to verify all information from the manufacturer or other sources. We did not design or build this system and will not be responsible for the functionality of the explosion vents. When explosive dusts are present, the owner/operator is responsible for compliance with NFPA 68, 69, 654 and all other applicable codes

Donaldson Torit  HPW 160 pulse jet baghouse, 16,000 to 25,600 CFM Dust collector


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