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13 ft diameter dust cyclones  only-  (frame adds 7” to measurements)

44 ft approximate length/height laying down with frame

Support stand and caged ladder included- view pre-dismantled photos for ladder & platform details

Dismantled and Stored in our yard for prompt shipment, 13 ft diameter dust cyclone with attached stand Dirty air side inlet size: 52” X 27”

Top of cyclone clean air outlet: 38” diameter

Bottom of cone discharge diameter 16” ( airlock)

Prior use was light wood dust/material 

Approximate shipping measurements:

Length: 44ft, or  ( 38  ½ ft see notes) can remove top outlet fitting 3 1/2ft reduction in length, can straddle legs between trailer axles 2ft reduction. Reduction length  38 ½ +ft

Width: 13ft 7” to  13ft 4”+- may need to remove some items.

Height: 13ft 7” to 13ft 5” if we remove some items.

Airlock available at an additional cost will include test run video upon request

Contact us for a delivered price to your location


dust cyclone 13 ft diameter, support stand,