36" Width Capacity –

Double Surface Planer

Workpiece height: 1/8" to 7"

40 HP top head

30 HP bottom head

3500 RPM motors –

Feed Speed: 33-98 FPM, 

Model # S 970 

serial # 18793  -

electrical cabinet

Top head dust hood

Includes: Grinding and sharpening attachments

Removed from service November 2020 from an entire plant liquidation.

Some guards are removed for photos

Stored inside our heated warehouse.

Contact us for a price including freight

Planer will be shipped with wood crating & heavy-duty custom wood pallet for easy loading & unloading with a large forklift with 8ft forks, Buyer can also instruct Seller on how they would like Planer to be crated/prepared for shipping- No Charge For crating and custom pallets!

Whitney S970 Top and Bottom Planer with Twin Helical Heads