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20 gallon reactor, relined 20 gallon Pfaufler batch reactor,  More photos and information to available, call for a delivered price, Stored in our warehouse inside heated wood boxes- will also ship inside a wood box,   Call or email  with any questions,

PFaudler 20 gallon reglassed reactor, MIR.E175-0622, NAT’L BD 35082, W INT.  PR 30/FV  PSI. AT 650 Degree F.,   JKT. PR. 115  PSI. AT 350 degree F.,   JKT. PR. 100 PSI. W / INT. Vacuum, LS ¼. BH ¼. 20R. 3KR. TH 5/16  F-D. JS 3/16. JH 3/16. 24R. 3-1/2KR.. 3315/NUC,.

 UGE Romania date 12/2007, SO# 101427,  5700-National Board R Certificate Number, ReGlassed BY UGE ROMANIA, , Vessel SN E175-0622, NB# 35082, MAWP INT. 30/FV, PSIG AT 650 degree F., MAWP JKT. 115, PSIG AT 350 degree F.,  MAWP JKT 100,  PSIG Q/INT.F.V.,  GLASS# C2317,  MDMT -20 degree F.,  please verify above information with photos of data tags.

Relined 20 gallon Pfaudler batch reactor re-glassed reactor