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Used Thermal Oxidizer, TO,


Manufacture: Gulf Coast Environmental Systems

Volume SCFM: 6,500 SCFM

Model 65-TO

Serial# 900-13-65-TO

Purchase Order #  2012219-008

Gas fired

Ship Date:

Below are other items included with Thermal Oxidizer:

Industrial Filter Manufacturers: Model: VAGAU366P12DAV71 serial# 104-3811?

Year mfg. 2014

Hoffman Watchman condensate unit cast iron receiver model: wc-6-20-5 ?., GPM: 8, PSI: 22, volts: 115

Stack:  55ft+- tall x 4 foot 4 ½ inches diameter (insulated inside- view photos) when stack was installed/attached on the thermal oxidizer the approximate total stack height was 70 feet tall+-.

#1 New York Blower fan: 8,850 CFM, 14 inches S.P., 26.9 BHP, fan description: Backward inclined SWSI class 3 ARR-4. Shop# 2017-01652-01, wheel size & type 22 PLR., Baldor motor type: 30HP 3520 RPM, direct drive, 230/460 volt.

#2 New York Blower Pressure Blower: 2,300 CFM, 21.9 inches S.P., 12.2 BHP., fan description:  Pressure Blower ARR-4 , Shop# 2014-01652-02, wheel size & type: 1908 ALM, Teco motor type: 15HP, 3525 RPM, direct drive, 230/460 volt

Shipping measurements for just the thermal oxidizer body attached to metal channel frame:  10ft wide x 24ft long x 10ft 8 inches+- tall.

Additional photos and information available

Thermal Oxidizer is dismantled and ready for prompt shipment.

Price includes loading.

Contact us for a delivered price

Thermal oxidizer or thermal incinerator


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