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twin screw 36" hollow screw auger conveyor, 6ft wide screw conveyor, dual 36 inch screw conveyor, double 36" x 27ft hollow screw conveyor

Dual 36” shaftless hollow screw auger conveyor, inside length 27 feet 6 inches, inside width 6 feet 2 inches, overall outside length of conveyor 30ft 10 inches, conveyor trough is 50 inches deep, overall outside with of conveyor trough 6ft 9 inches – overall outside width is reduced to 8ft wide by unbolting both motors and chain guards during shipping, lube oil can be added inside chain guards so sprockets and chain can be lubed by the oil bath – site glass and plugs are attached to both chain guards, flighting spacing 24 inches, flighting thickness 1 inch, flighting width 7 inches, 2 Falk gearboxes with 25HP motors – both 25 HP motors & gearboxes have been removed from conveyor and have had the bearings replace in motors, and the Falk gearboxes have been serviced/oil changed by a independent motor repair shop and test ran with video footage by independent electric motor shop, demonstration videos are available of both screw augers running, currently both gearboxes and motor are stored inside our temperature-controlled warehouse, weight 25,000 lbs, conveyor will ship as a legal  8 ft wide load with motors & gearboxes detached.  overall outside width of conveyor with motors & gearboxes attached  13ft 6inches, call for more details and a delivered price to your location- price includes loading

twin screw 36" hollow screw augers, 27ft long dual shaftless conveyor,