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60-inch dust cyclone

Overall cyclone length: 12’ 6”ft  add 2’ for vortex breaker

Cyclone bottom discharge 16”ID /with vortex breaker 12”diameter:

Vortex breaker length 25 ½”/ 12” discharge

STAND Width:  102” wide, 9 ft 6 inches deep

Legs: width 84” x 65 inches deep, length 102 inches tall

Overall height when installed including rail 12ft.

Buyer will need to verify that the stand meets safety standards and other structural standards for the for the cyclone and attachments including all welds.

Shipping measurements for stand: 8 1/2ft wide, 12ft long and  9 1/2ft tall

Railing 42” tall

Dirty air inlet: 14”

Clean Air outlet: 14”

Bottom clean-out/ inspection door, and top bolt-on lid

Airlock available- sold separately

Prior use was in wood dust

Cyclone and stand were primed and painted blue in 8/2022

Price includes loading

We have several other cyclones, dust collectors, airlock and fans in our inventory

contact us for a shipping rate

Weight of the cyclone only 1,700 lbs.

support stand weight only 1,000lbs.+-

5ft Dust cyclone with support stand & vortex breaker hopper


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