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Williams # 40 NF impact Dryer Mill System, Williams Dryer/Crusher Size Reduction Classifying Mill System.


Williams Impact Dryer Mills are often referred to as Crusher Dryers or Dryer Mills. Their proven technology is integrated into a complete system that simultaneously grinds and dries, accurately classifies, and conveys materials in one continuous, automated operation.

Williams #40 NF impact dryer mill

154″ dryer column,125HP

60″ Williams Turbine Separator: 30HP

9″ x 13′ 11″ Continental screw conveyor feeder, 5 HP

3.25-MBTU/hr Hauck air heater, Propane gas-fired, 5 HP blower

4″ Butterfly damper with automatic control

47.25″ New York Blower main fan, Series 60 GI, Size 1200, 200.hp with inlet damper & pneumatic actuator

26″ New York Blower secondary fan, 40 hp, Series 45 GI, Size 264,  inlet box damper with pneumatic actuator

Mac H74 high-efficiency cyclone, Explosion vent

Mac 120LRT88 baghouse dust collector, Explosion vent, High-temperature bags

Mac MD40 atmospheric rotary airlock valve, 1 HP

Mac 54VS25 dust filter

Mac 524 dilute phase blower, 30HP,  900 iCFM @ 8.1 PSI,

Piping and ductwork

Manuals and drawings

Several additional drawings can be emailed upon requested


Contact us for pricing with or without delivery

Buyer will need to verify all specs with equipment manufacturers regarding capacities and if  Buyer’s processes & material are suitable for the Williams #40 NF impact dryer impact system and if Buyer’s finished product is obtainable from this system.  Some photos and drawings may show equipment & pieces that are not included with this system. Buyer and Seller will need to agree and have a detailed list of all equipment and pieces that are included in the sale.  

Williams # 40 NF impact Dryer/Crusher Mill System,60″ Williams Turbine Separator