Yaskawa A1000 CIMR-AU4A0250AAA, 200HP VFD, 3phase 250 amp, 380v-480v input with cabinet

250 amp Variable frequency drive with gasketed enclosure with AC cooling

Model: CIMR-AU4A0250AAA


Input: AC 3ph., 380-480V. 50/60Hz.,248A/207A

Output: AC 3 ph., 0-480V. 0-400Hz., 250A-216A

Serail # 1W1515762640003

File#: E131457

Buyer will need to verify all specs. with the manufacturer


Built in air conditioner for cooling VFD.

Square D power pact MJ 300 circuit breaker

Cabinet has a Delta-T special purpose A.C. unit for cooling # EL12B48604EXXXX

Removed from original installation in 2020, stored inside climate-controlled warehouse

22 used ABB drives available- sizes: 25hp,50hp, 75hp 100 hp, 125hp, 150hp 175hp, 200 hp freak drives

VFD has been Test run at independent electric motor repair shop with video & invoice

Frequency Drive will be shipped inside wood box

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Yaskawa A1000 CIMR-AU4A0250AAA, 200HP VFD, 250 amp, 380v-480v, with enclosure