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Acrison stainless BDF-1 volumetric feeders, Acrison dissimilar speed auger agitator metering mechanism feeders, used Acrison BDF-1 dual augers/agitators with single metering, used Acrison stainless steel metering feeders,

Volumetric Feeders combine two flow-inducing augers/agitator, counter-rotating at the same speed, with a metering auger operating at a proportional, but dissimilar (slower) speed for accurately and reliably feeding a broad variety of dry solid materials, including those considered difficult-to-handle, Two volumetric feeders available,  Acrison model A405B-300/15/-110-BDF1-E/2, serial# 93092-01, inside top fill inlet 32” – lid outside diameter 35”+, inside width and length  measurement at the bottom of agitator mechanisms  13” x 11”,  2 site glass windows in top lid,    1HP Baldor Super E motor, 230-460 volt, test run video available, 

Weight 530 LBS

Acrison stainless BDF-1 volumetric feeders, dissimilar speed auger


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