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13ft 4 inches long

32 inches wide

16 inches deep

Model: 34X13.5

Serial#: CD7-6600

Force/lbs.: 6,600

Series: AA

Conveyor trough thickness 1 inch: ½” thick outside shell & ½” thick liner: weight 10,200 LBS+-

Additional support stand included: weight 4,300 LBS.

Grizzley loading hopper available/ Front end loader hopper sold separately: weight 6,000 LBS+-

Total shipping weight of all 3 pieces: 20.500 LBS. 

230/460 volt

3 HP.

Duty: Continuous

additional information and freight rate available  

Conveyor only without stand shipping size: 75” wide x 15ft 5 inches x 51 inches tall.  20.500 LBS.

Conveyor Dynamics Shaker conveyor feeder, vibrating troughing conveyor


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